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Student Services

Student Well-being and Personal Development

At Narrogin Senior High School we understand the link between mental health, the well-being of our students, their academic achievement and subsequent life experiences.

Our student’s ability to relate to their peers, control their emotional responses, respond to conflict appropriately and seek help when required, will directly impact on their ability to engage in the learning process. To be successful students, we need to develop individuals with high levels of emotional competence. With this in mind, each year group has a particular focus:

Year 7  –  Gratitude

Year 8  – Belonging

Year 9  – Respect and Resiliency

Year 10 – Informed Choices

Year 11 – Developing Leadership

Year 12 – Planning for the Future

The Health and Well-Being Team 2024

Student Services Manager – Maxine Clark

Year 7 Coordinator – Leanne Inglis

Year 8 Coordinator – Heather Meldrum

Year 9 Coordinator – Sarah Lachman

Year 10 Coordinator – Jean D’Cruz

Year 11 Coordinator – Ross Daley

Year 12 Coordinator – Ellie Sheridan

AIEOs – Janice & Chad Kickett

School Nurse – Kate Furphy

School Psychologist – Emma Berresford

Learning Support – Evelyn Wilkie

Student Events Coordinator


Pastoral Care

All members of the Health and Well-Being Team use Restorative Justice Practices when dealing with the students in their care. Restorative practice builds the capacity of our students to form quality social relationships. It fosters good decision making and a greater sense of belonging to the Narrogin Senior High School Community.


1. Advocacy/Form Groups

At Narrogin Senior High School, our form program provides continuity of care.  Form classes of between 18 and 26 students enables form teachers to monitor students’ progress and develop a sense of community in our school. In a small, safe environment, students are able to interact with others from a range of year groups.

The form teacher manages daily attendance. Parents are asked to provide a note for every absence. The note is to be passed on to the form teacher.

2. Year Coordinators

Year Coordinators assist in monitoring your child’s academic, social, emotional and behavioural progress. They develop programs for the whole year group and provide personalised support, when necessary, for individual students. Year Coordinators liaise with the Health and Well-Being Manager and refer students to other members of the Health and Well-Being Team.

The Year Coordinator is the first person parents should contact to pass on information about: changing circumstances in the home that may significantly affect your child, changes in your child’s medical condition, a noticeable change in the rate of your child’s progress or in their behaviour, long absences and concerns about performance in the classroom. Form teachers will, as necessary, pass information on to the relevant Year Leader and/or other members of the Health and Well-Being Team.

3. AIEOs

AIEOs work with Nyoongar students in the classroom to support their academic progress. They act as mentors and provide appropriate guidance by assisting students to be prepared for class, be in class on time, attend school activities like assemblies, year meetings and carnivals and provide encouragement, role modeling and general support. They liaise with parents, teachers and students to develop students’ educational, social and emotional skills.

4. Chaplains

The Chaplains work to build relationships with students, families and staff. They offer input into spiritual or ‘meaning of life’ questions, are positive role models and provide a link between the school and the local Narrogin community. Their role may involve providing additional practical help for teaching and administrative staff, assist in the running of extra-curricular activities (such as socials) as well as being mentors for individual students. In-school chaplains encourage an understanding of the range of human experience on a social, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

5. School Nurse

The School Nurse is available to monitor the overall physical health of students at Narrogin Senior High School. This involves facilitating immunisation programs, creating health plans (in conjunction with other medical practitioners) and assisting students to manage chronic health conditions. Parents need to regularly update the School Nurse to keep them informed of student’s health needs.

6. School Psychologist

The School Psychologist is available (by appointment) for consultation with students and parents. The psychologist assists with developing the resiliency of students. The five skills of resilience are: helpful and positive thinking, resourcefulness, understanding emotions, relationship skills and self-understanding.

School psychologists also assess students with special needs. They provide support for students and advise teachers of how best to modify or extend learning programs to cater for students’ individual requirements.

7. Learning Support Coordinator

The Learning Support Coordinator assists students and teachers to meet the educational needs of students with diagnosed learning disabilities and specific learning difficulties.

8. Student Events Coordinator

The Student Events Coordinator liaises with Year Coordinators, students, parents and teaching staff to plan major school activities like the School Ball, Assemblies, the Prefect Camp, Year 12 Farewell Dinner and the Year 12 Presentation Evening.

9. Student Services Manager

The Health and Well-Being Manager consults with members of the Health and Well-Being Team on student welfare issues and coordinates the counselling of individual students. They work extensively with local community agencies and oversee referrals to these agencies when required. The Health and Well-Being Manager works in conjunction with the Year Coordinators to develop a range of programs suited to the needs of each year level.