Senior High School

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Vocational Education & Training (VET)

Students have the option to complete Vocational Education & Training (VET) certificates as part of their WACE program. Partnerships exist between various Registered Training Organisations and the School to present the courses that are established by industry and recognised Australia-wide.

Our school offers a wide and varied range of Certificate I-IV level courses, or students can complete them online through Central Regional Tafe, at the Narrogin South Regional TAFE Campus. Some courses are employment-based within School Based and Aboriginal School Based Traineeships. Several VET programs require the student to complete a substantial work placement to allow them to accumulate and demonstrate the required skills and knowledge for the achievement of the qualification. Both the qualification and work placement time can contribute towards a student’s WACE achievement.

Students are expected to have maturity and be able to demonstrate they they are work-ready, self-motivated, and show a genuine interest in the chosen industry area.

VET Delivered at School

  • BSB10120      Certificate I in Workplace Skills (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • BSB20120     Certificate II in Workplace Skills (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • BSB30120     Certificate III in Business (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • CUA20720    Certificate II in Visual Arts (Photography) (Third Party Partnership with South Regional TAFE)
  • SIT20316       Certificate II in Hospitality (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • SIT20416       Certificate II in Kitchen Operations (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • SIS20113        Certificate II in Sport & Recreation (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • FSK20119      Certificate II in Skills for Work & Vocational Pathways (Third Party Partnership with IVET)
  • FSK10219        Certificate I in Skills for Vocational Pathways (Delivered by SIDE as FFS)

VET delivered at South Regional TAFE – Narrogin

The school has a continuing partnership with our local TAFE. Students must apply for course entry at the Narrogin Campus. The enrolment process is online and course entry is competitive, requiring a minimum of C grades in Maths/English and achievement of OLNA. Courses and places available are at the discretion of the SR TAFE. Those previously offered include:

  • 52895WA      Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing – two days per week for one year.
  • CHC30121     Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • CHC22015     Certificate II in Community Services
  • CHC30221     Certificate III in Education Support

School Based Traineeships

School Based Traineeships (SBT’s) and School Based Apprenticeships (SBA’s) may be offered to some students either through community work connections or while students are participating in formal Work Placement. This program allows students to spend time working in businesses that suit their career aspirations to gain real life experience of the duties, skills, standards and expectations of that particular industry.  Students may be placed with businesses for Workplace Learning on a one-day-per week basis or in blocks during school time or holiday or a combination of these arrangements.  Time spent in Workplace Learning also contributes to a student’s WACE completion.

Students may participate in School Based Traineeships or Aboriginal School Based Traineeships.  Traineeships see students engaged in paid work for either one or two days each week and completing a Certificate II level qualification relevant to that occupation.  Students also complete the required courses at school to allow the students to achieve their WACE and participate in all other school activities.  Some of the qualifications that students may complete in an SBT, include retail, business and local government.