Senior High School

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English is essential learning. At Narrogin SHS we are committed to providing a curriculum which builds on students’ language abilities and which gives them the competence, experience and work habits they will need to achieve their goals at school and beyond. Students learn about the English language: how it works and how to use it effectively. The range of connected learning experiences which we provide is designed to encourage them to become more confident, thoughtful, discriminating and imaginative communicators. This is as readers, viewers, writers, speakers and listeners in both formal and informal situations.

Fundamental to all Courses is the development of language competence while exploring a variety of print and non-print texts designed to introduce students to the attitudes, values and ideologies of the world in which we live.

All students are assisted to develop their critical understanding and control of the English language. English assessment tasks reflect the breadth, depth and range in curriculum and learning styles. We assess formal and informal written work, oral presentation and communication skills, creative writing, and the reading and analysis of a range of texts These assessment tasks and criteria assist teacher and parent understanding of student development in a wide range of skills and knowledge.

The Senior School curriculum caters for the aspirations of students continuing on to further studies, or into the workforce, by organising English Courses into distinct pathways. Year 11 and 12 students are able to study the following courses: 

  • English ATAR
  • English General 
  • English Foundation 

For further information, please contact the Head of Learning Area – Mary Milbourn via email at or phone 9881 9323 during school hours.