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Integration Program for students with disabilities

The Narrogin Senior High School has an Integration Program for students with disabilities which caters for students from Years 7 to 12 who have a disability combined with specific learning needs. The Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) at Narrogin SHS aims to provide the very best education available for students with disabilities. The focus is on providing an innovative curriculum which is inclusive and where each student has an Individual Documented Plan.

In our Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) we aim to empower students and assist them to move from dependence to independence and to enable them to make wise decisions that will lead to satisfying and productive lives. ILC staff strive to build a learning community where students are secure in their experience of belonging and acceptance and where students have clear pathways into the community.

Narrogin Senior High School employs a teacher with specific responsibility for our Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) who has specialised knowledge in the area of Education Support. The teacher of the Integrated Learning Class works together with a group of highly experienced and very hardworking Educational Assistants.

Being situated in a mainstream high school, ILC students are able to take part in all school events offered to students. ILC students spend a significant amount of their class time integrated in mainstream classes working with their mainstream peers, as they are able to pick classes from the mainstream elective list. The amount of mainstream inclusion time is tailored to the individual student and their learning needs. Dependent upon the support needs of each individual student an ILC Educational Assistant accompanies a student when they attend a mainstream class.

ILC students are also encouraged and supported to participate in ALL school events and activities. Examples of this include: Camps, Sport Carnivals, Assemblies, Incursions, Excursions and Upper School Ball.

Narrogin Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) provides an integrated educational program for students mainly from the local intake area. Entrance into the unit is case by case as determined by a panel chaired by the school psych and includes the ILC teacher, Deputy Principal (representing the Principal) and the Student Services Manager.

We encourage parental input wherever possible to assist in the planning of a student’s program. Parents are also welcome to make an appointment to visit the ILC and watch their child at work or to meet with staff to discuss any ideas or problems.

As a school we are proud and passionate about our Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) and students. We collaborate together respectfully and know we are making a difference. We enjoy the challenge of striving for excellence. We build pathways for our students into their community.

For further information about Narrogin Inclusive Learning Class (ILC) please contact Evelyn Wilkie on 9881 9300 or email  to discuss your child’s educational needs.