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Emergency Procedures

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NSHS Bushfire Plan

NSHS Evacuation Management Plan



Bushfires in previous years have highlighted the importance of being bushfire ready. The devastation caused by the recent Parkerville and Stoneville fires emphasises that emergencies always have the potential to impact on all our lives in so many ways. It is a timely reminder, at the beginning of bushfire season, of the importance of having your own personal Bushfire Plans in place.  Our school has a plan which is continually being updated and we are ready for the eventuality if such an incident occurs and will be holding evacuation.


Bushfires happen every summer.  They usually start suddenly and without warning.

à Narrogin SHS is on the Bushfire Zone Register as having a rating of HIGH

à Advice regarding a bushfire is usually received from FESA or external experts

à The survival of students and staff is always the Department’s main priority

à At times a planned (pre-emptive) closure of the school may be necessary. The Regional Executive Director contacts the principals of affected schools directly.

à The Regional Executive Director confirms with the Principal the final decision to close the school no later than 1.30pm the day before the planned closure

à Prepare to evacuate building by safest exit rout or lockdown as directed by the Principal.  This will be dependent as how much advance notice is given

à Take requirements to allocated Evacuation Assembly Area

à Do not re-enter buildings until cleared by the Emergency Services

 The following website is the best place for up to date info regarding announcements, warnings or other relevant, pertinent pieces of information ( During the coming season please access this site on a regular basis.  If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the school on 9881 9300.

A hard copy is available at the front office if required.