Senior High School

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The Arts

All programs offer students a unique opportunity to enhance their learning and continued progress in chosen areas of the Arts Learning area. The key to success is using the Arts to enhance and complement wider academic performance of students, to open up opportunities by building confidence and creativity.

We believe that technology plays a very important part in our students’ education and we want our students to have the best possible options for the future.

The Visual Arts give students opportunities to express their imagination and develop personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of artworks.  Students learn through a mix of visual inquiry, studio work, exhibition and critical and historical reflection.  Exposure to new mediums and technologies are part of the curriculum designed to help students develop their creative thinking and problem solving abilities.  Projects range from sculpture, painting, textiles, graphic design, printmaking and ceramics.

Visual Communication (Photography) is for students who are interested in graphic and interior design, advertising, photography and fashion design.  The courses provide basic camera skills and extends to develop students’ photographic and design skills focusing on camera systems, materials and processes, design and analysis of images, history and development of photography, darkroom, studio design and photojournalism.

Media Production explores film, comics and television and includes new multimedia technologies.  Students consider how people, events and issues are represented by the media and create, produce and present their own works using a range of digital media.

Music courses are designed to encourage students to be actively involved in music as a vocational and recreational choice throughout their life.  This is done through performance, creation and appreciation.  Students learn about popular music, rock, historically significant works and the effect of technology and media on the music world.  Students have opportunities to work in community-based projects, participate in band performances and presentations at formal events.

Instrumental Music offer students classes in specialist areas such as flute, baritone, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, euphonium and percussion.  Students are tutored by staff with expertise and talent in a range of instruments and performance techniques.

Senior school students are able to enrol in specialised Courses of Study in all arts areas.  Students at Narrogin SHS have consistently achieved high results and many students have used their creative skills to pursue successful careers in a variety of fields.  Studies in the Arts provide students with a complete academic curriculum leading to choices for tertiary or TAFE studies.