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Anaphylaxis Management

Support students with anaphylaxis.

Follow these steps to support students with anaphylaxis at Narrogin SHS. Students with allergies may experience anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction.


  • is a medical emergency
  • can cause death
  • requires your immediate response
  • can be traumatic for the students, parents, staff and other witnesses.

Plan for health care support.

Principals implement a whole school approach to anaphylaxis management.

You can access information and resources to help implement a whole school approach from Allergy Aware.

Principals identify students at risk of anaphylaxis when parents:

If a student is at risk of anaphylaxis, principals:

Review student health care plans annually or when the student’s health care needs change, whichever comes first.

(extract from IKON, DOE WA 10.51am 1/12/2022)

Click here to download our NSHS Anaphylaxis Management policy