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Vocational Education & Training

Narrogin Senior High School runs a comprehensive Vocational Education & Training (VET) program throughout the Year 10,  Year 11 and Year 12 curriculum.  Students may currently choose programs where they could achieve a variety of over 20 different complete Certificate I, II, III or IV qualifications. All Certificate programs are completed in partnership with established Registered Training Organisations and, as such, all the qualifications are recognised Australiawide by other Training Organisations.

During 2015 the school offered students access to the following VET programs:

Business and Information Technology Department:

BSB10112        Certificate I in Business

BSB20112       Certificate II in Business

BSB30112       Certificate III in Business

CUV20111       Certificate II in Visual Arts (Desktop Publishing)

ICA10111         Certificate I in Information, Digital Media &  Technology



SIT10213        Certificate I in Hospitality

SIT20213        Certificate II in Hospitality

SIT20312        Certificate II in Kitchen Operations


Design & Technology Department:

CPC10111       Certificate I in Construction

MSF10113      Certificate I in Furnishing

CUV20111      Certificate II in Visual Arts (Wood Focus)

MEM10105    Certificate I in Engineering

MEM20413    Certificate II in Engineering Pathways


Physical Education Department:

SIS20313        Certificate II in Sport & Recreation


TRAINING2work+ Automotive Program (A partnership with the CY O’Connor Institute): 52524WA       Certificate I in Industrial Skills

AUR20712      Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation


TRAINING2work+ Community Services Program (A partnership with the CY O’Connor Institute):

52689WA       Certificate IV in Preparation for Nursing  Education

CHC30113      Certificate III in Early Childhood Education & Care

HLT32512      Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

Students may also be able to establish arrangements with other training organisations to study courses of particular personal interest.

Some examples include:

FNS30315       Certificate III in Accounts Administration

SIS30313        Certificate III in Fitness

AHC21010      Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management

CUV30111       Certificate III in Visual Arts

ICA30111         Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology

Students may also participate in several short VET courses such as:

  • Recreational Skippers’ Ticket
  • Building & Construction “White Card” Safety Awareness Training
  • First Aid Certificate

A large number a Year 11 and Year 12 participate in the School’s Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL) program each year.  This program allows students to spend time working in businesses that suit their career aspirations to gain a real life experience of the duties, skills, standards and expectations of that particular industry.  Students may be placed with businesses for Workplace Learning on a one-day-per week basis or in blocks during school time or holiday or a combination of these arrangements.  Time spent in Workplace Learning also contributes to a student’s WACE completion. Students may participate in School Based Traineeships or Aboriginal School Based Traineeships.  Traineeships see students engaged in paid work for either one or two days each week and completing a Certificate II level qualification relevant to that occupation.  Students also complete the required courses at school to allow the students to achieve their WACE and participate in all other school activities.  Some of the qualifications that students may complete in Traineeships that include Business, Retail, Automotive, Hospitality, Tourism, Local Government, Information Technology, Hairdressing and Nail Technology.

Please click on the following link to view the VET brochure

CAVE 3 fold brochure Open Day Mark III