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Digital Citizenship

The Year 8 Information Technology course will provide students with information on what it means to have ‘Digital Citizenship’ or ‘Cyber-Citizenship’.  The course covers the following content:

  • Digital Media Literacy
    • Plagiarism
    • Copyright
    • Illegal downloads
  • Positive Online Behaviour
    • Internet use
    • Online communication protocols
    • Communicating with different audiences
    • Online image
  • Cyber Safety and responsible use of information and communication technologies
  • Peer and Personal Safety
    • E-Security knowledge


Information Technology is designed to prepare students for the online environment they enter as part of the school’s MacBook program.  It is expected students complete all requirements so that they can demonstrate a sound understanding of what it means to have ‘Digital Citizenship’


Online resources

There are a million things you can do online. Most of the time things go well. You have fun, chat to your friends and play games. But sometimes things don’t go to plan and you don’t know why or what to do about it.

Visit the sites below and get cyber smart.

Tips to say safe and cyber smart
Lots of info about cyber safety including netiquette, playing online and more.

Cyber quoll
Find out what happens when the dreaded Noobs arrive.

Cyber bullying
A video to help with cyber bullying.

What is cyber bullying about?
What can you do if you are be cyber bullied? Find out here.

Cyber bullying – bullying from a distance
How to protect yourself, what other kids say, and more.